Bourgeois Mystics Zealously Observe: Squiggly’s 6th Quinquennial
December 1, 2017
8:00 pm
The Sahara Lounge
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Calling all multidimensional space-krakens, intergalactic octopi, and squid gods to the yard. Come participate in zany celebrations in honor of Squiggly Finesse‘s 6th quinquennial (Zaalo’s 30th birthday). Fun includes: new Bourgeois Mystics tunes, a funky tentacle contest/dance party, a quint of rad bands, and jet fuel (free beans).

9:20 Nomar
10:20 texture: Yellow
11:30 Bourgeois Mystics
12:45 Kiddoo and the Dude feat. Minty Manbitz

$8 OR $6 if you come garbed as cephalopod!